Here’s My Story

Lucas Turner

I’m Lucas Turner, and I didn’t start out with an interest in in-home music studios from a young age. I don’t have one of those all-too-perfect origin stories.

I didn’t even play an instrument until I was twenty-three.

I went into a pawn shop with a toolbox—because I had just been fired from a construction job that I was horrendous at—and initially just wanted some money for the tools.

Well, then I saw a guitar on the wall that just spoke to me.

I was like, “Hey, I could probably learn guitar between now and when I get my next job.” So, I traded in the tools for the guitar.

I was wrong. Turns out it takes longer than five days to master an instrument, who would have guessed it?

I moved on to drums and keyboard, even played with a bass for a minute or two, and I was impressed with what I had made, so I recorded it to send it to my friend (who had a bit of knowledge in this space).

He’s an honest guy, and he told me how terrible the audio quality was.

He could hear static, echoes, and a ton of other things I didn’t really pick up on during my first playback.

Since then, I’ve been obsessed with making clear, crisp audio, and finding out what tools, hardware and software help me achieve that.

That’s why I made Red House Live—to let you learn from my mistakes that I made along the way, while also getting firsthand information about some of the best online deals for recording equipment and tech.

Basically, I’m your guide through the home recording journey you’re taking, so let’s get to it together.