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Prolific Songwriter, Frontman for Muncie.

Vince Lay

Vince Lay is the charismatic frontman of the alternative rock band Muncie (formerly known as Go Kart Mozart and Kid Moe).  His knack for hooks and endless ability to produce that which is pleasing to the ear has earned him the reputation of master songsmith in the Bay Area music scene.  Through years of touring, Vince has now performed in 46 states.

Vince joined Red House in 2007, and has been instrumental in creating our Band Foundry, Explore Rock and Roll and Kids Rock programs.  He leads many of our band workshops, and teaches guitar.

An east bay native, Vince grew up in the DVC music program, studying how to be in a band under the famed Steve Sage. Vince's energy on stage and in the lesson room is seemingly inexhaustible and highly contagious.

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